Giving You A Flavor Of Startup Alley At TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco

It’s not possible to cover every single company in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt…. but we can give you a flavor of a handful with a quick run-though. Here’s just such a selection in the video above.

“We are building the world’s preferred buying experience for retailers and consumers. Think Starbucks mobile app. Apply it to all retailers. This is Yoyo – the smart way to buy, get rewarded and share.”

“ZEEF is a curated, ranked link directory built by passionate experts. At ZEEF, experts can choose a subject, set up a page and share their knowledge. Consumers can find the most relevant (SEO & spam free) links by subject & category.”

“Thor Drive is the awesomely secure, blindingly fast, thunderingly powerful cloud storage service.
We offer: Godlike security for your puny files Lightning fast transmission speeds(2x that of other cloud storage services, in case you were wondering) File sharing Unprecedented reliability (No server crashes!).”

“Vello allows Gifters to send a personalized present in seconds by recording a short video greeting to go along with the purchase of an e-gift card. The Gifter can then invite others to join in, no matter where they are, to add their personal contribution to the viral video greeting (as well as the monetary present). Vello seamlessly stitches all the videos together and delivers a beautiful, personal, and unique gift. Vello can be used for any special occasion including birthdays, retirements, holidays, employee recognition, weddings etc.”

The Last Cast Banner
“LCB is a modern and effective online marketing instrument for increasing sales/orders on a client’s web-site by automatic formation and dispatch of unique offers to site visitors which are based on LCB-identified interests of each visitor in particular products on the client’s site.”

“Trovea is an curated online marketplace for emerging fashion and lifestyle brands from all over the world to sell internationally.”

“Pharmly is a pharmaceutical marketplace that allows medical facilities to source drugs from the $300B pharmaceutical wholesale marketplace when their primary supplier cannot meet their demand due to drug shortages.”