Take A Stroll Down Disrupt SF’s Startup Alley

Startup Alley is a wondrous mix of foreign and domestic startups of all shapes, sizes and flavors. There are hundreds of companies pitching investors and media, demoing their products and fighting for attention from passersby.

We took a little stroll to check out some of the media/entertainment startups in the alley, and came across quite a few gems.

To learn more about the companies, check out the video above or the list below.

  • My Web Room turns your personal version of the Internet — your favorite websites and services — into a virtual room filled with clickable objects.
  • By The People is a service that allows people to effect change by connecting over issues and coordinating a plan for solution.
  • TheViceJar is an app that helps you kick bad habits and stay motivated with the “swear jar” method, making you pay up each time you fall off the wagon.
  • PowerSlyde is an app that lets you share the apps you’ve downloaded with friends and followers.
  • CrowdFlik is a mobile app that lets users crowdsource mobile video based on location and then edit the videos into a neat little package.
  • MapacheStudios is an educational gaming platform for kids that has a donation-based business model.
  • Zula is a team-collaboration app that offers one-touch conference calls and polls, with hopes to replace email.