Snapchat Now Sees 350M Photos Shared Daily, Up From 200M In June

Snapchat users are sharing 350 million photos per day, according to CEO Evan Spiegel. That figure is up from 200 million in June, and Spiegel says a lot of the growth comes from Snapchat’s Android user base.

Snapchat launched on Android less than a year ago, well after its iOS app, and Spiegel says the company has seen a 50 percent increase in daily Android installs over the last month.

In May, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker presented at D11 and posited that photo sharing was set to double in 2013. She noted that Facebook still led the pack in terms of photos shared per day, and there were more photos shared daily on Snapchat than Instagram.

Instagram announced yesterday that it now has 150 million monthly active users. Spiegel did not mention the size of Snapchat’s active user base.

Spiegel argued that his company isn’t competing head-to-head with Instagram, explaining that Snapchat is about sharing moments, whereas Instagram is about saving beautified photos.

“If anything, they complement each other,” Spiegel said.

Snapchat’s growth has been very impressive, as daily photos shared have grown from 20 million last October to 200 million in June to 350 million today.