Microsoft Announces Surface 2.0 Event In New York City On September 23

Today Microsoft released invites to its forthcoming Surface 2.0 event in New York City. The shindig, taking place in Chelsea on the 23 of September, will show off new Surface hardware, though Microsoft remains coy about just what it will put onstage.

Let’s be frank: Microsoft would not invite us all over for a hands-on session without having something worth touching. And that means it’s more than a new Touch Cover. And that means a new Surface (or two!), as expected.

Something that we are hearing, however, is that the new Surface devices will not contain a smaller SKU of the tablet line. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see a skinnier Surface, only that we won’t see a device with a radically smaller screen, as has been somewhat rumored.

Microsoft’s Surface line has been a tough project for the company, sporting stiff financial losses and suffering from lower-than-anticipated unit volume. However, Microsoft is forging ahead with its efforts to build its own PC hardware. This squares with its efforts to build devices, as well as vending software-based services.

Microsoft’s hardware dreams are not small, as you certainly know, given its recent multi-billion-dollar purchase of Nokia’s smartphone business.

New Surface is hopefully best Surface, so get excited. We’ll bring you more as it leaks or we hear through the cracks.


Top Image Credit: Leo Newball, Jr.