SmartDrive Hack Creates A Real HUD For Your Car Via Google Glass

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 12.23.11 PM

Today at the Disrupt SF Hackathon, Brent Bovenzi presented SmartDrive, a neat Google Glass app. Thanks to this hack, you get a true heads-up display to see how your car is doing — a kid’s dream come true. Moreover, you can unlock the car with your voice.

“You’ll see fuel mileage, how much gas you have left and tire pressure before even getting in the car” Bovenzi said. It works with recent GM cars that support the GM remote API.

This was Bovenzi’s first large-scale hackathon and he enjoyed the experience a lot. While the project started off as a team, they all moved on to do other hacks, except Bovenzi. He carried the project until the end and presented it on stage.

SmartDrive Hacker

As Bovenzi only recently became a startup engineer at SocialRadar, he enjoys attending coding events to learn more.

“It’s a great opportunity to force us to do and to learn something,” he said. “You’re not part of a big team, you’re not taking months to do it, and because of that, you have to force yourself,” he continued.

In fact, it was Bovenzi’s first time that he coded in Python. He came from Washington DC specifically to attend the Disrupt Hackathon. Now he can leave town by saying “OK Glass, unlock my car.”