Nexus 5 Could Get LTE, 5-Inch Display And Snapdragon 800 Processor, Per FCC Filing For New LG Device

Rumors about Google’s next Nexus device are heating up in the wake of a perceived leak via the company’s own promotional video for Android KitKat earlier this week. Today, a filing from the FCC (via Engadget) that details a new, unreleased LG device making its way to the U.S. offers up what could be some more granular information on Google’s next Android reference smartphone.

The Nexus 5 could be the “D820” from the filing, a chance made more likely by the fact that the images shared with the U.S. wireless standards regulator line up closely with the sneak peek revealed in Google’s video, and by the knowledge that it contains wireless charging based on the Qi standard, a feature of its forerunner the LG Nexus 4. And per the filing, this supposed Nexus 5 would offer 7-band LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking, a 5-inch display, and come with Android 4.4 preloaded (which is named “Key Lime Pie” in the filing’s firmware name string, a sign the KitKat arrangement was one made late by Google).

Measurements of the device place it at 131.9mm tall and 68.2mm wide per the document, which is slightly thinner and shorter than the Nexus 4 despite the 0.26-inch larger diagonal display, so expect top and bottom bezel to be shaved slightly with the Nexus 5 if these reports do indeed describe that smartphone. The new Nexus phone as seen in the commercial can be seen in the screenshot below from 9to5Google, and a fan-made render by Philippine site Yugatech, pictured above, provides a better idea of what that device might look like up close.


Google started selling the Nexus 4 way back in November 2012, after announcing it at the end of October, so it’s nearly due for a refresh. At the time, the lack of LTE was a noteworthy admission, so the fact that its successor could get fairly broad LTE band support is big news, and the Snapdragon 800 is definitely no slouch in the processor department. We’ll likely have to wait a while yet to see what shape the next Nexus takes, but if this is it, and if Google can keep unlocked pricing in the same ballpark it managed for the Nexus 4, this could be a very good option for Android smartphone shoppers.