Jumpstarter Pulls In $1.7M Seed To Re-Imagine The Dev Platform – Invite Codes For Readers

Jumpstarter, based Stockholm claims to be a “disruptive new dev platform”. So far so superlative. However, they may be on to something. With more and more of the planet’s population learning to code (just look at all the new code clubs starting) software is indeed starting to “eat the world” (in the famous phrase). However, developers are still stuck with cumbersome and primitive ways of building scalable web applications, in the scheme of things. An other agree with them. Today announce they’ve launched a private beta and secured a $1.7 million seed round of funding from Earlybird, Paua Ventures and Martin Sinner. Interestingly all of the investors are from Berlin – not Sweden. This indicates that venture is continuing is march across Europe’s borders.

If you’re a developer and want early access to this you can go here and use the invite code TECHCRUNCH.

Jumpstarter says it provides developers with a toolkit to work more productively by eliminating time-consuming distractions when they setup, collaborate on, publish and scale their web projects. It is initially focused on PHP but will expand to other languages and add more community features.

Co-founder and CEO Per Jonsson says developers want to be “in flow”, hence this focus on a distraction-free platform.

Some of Jumpstarter’s initial features include:

• quick live hosting and installing development frameworks
• easy collaboration on source code using git;
• fully automated scaling of web applications;
• instant cloning of web applications.

So far they say developers have used Jumpstarter to build products including mobile backends, software-as-a-service products, personal and corporate websites, Facebook apps and e-commerce sites. This is based on using frameworks including WordPress, Drupal and Codelgniter.