Clutter Just Made Self-Storage Super Simple

As the human race inches closer and closer to unadulterated consumerism, the need for extra storage space becomes imperative. But no one enjoys the process of packing up, renting or borrowing a truck, hauling boxes to a storage space, and doing the same thing over again the second you need a stored item.

But Clutter, a new service launching in Los Angeles, is looking to hook you up, weary pack rat.

Here’s how it works:

After downloading the iPhone app, users can coordinate for their stuff to be stored in reusable boxes that are picked up for storage and/or delivered back home at their leisure.

Users simply snap photos of their belongings and label those photos with a certain category. The reusable 20-gallon boxes are each marked with a certain shape, like a star, circle, square, etc. For every item that goes in the star box, the photographs of those items are also marked with a star, making organization much easier.

Users can store as many boxes as they want for $10/box per month, with an additional $15 flat rate to have items brought back out of storage and to your doorstep.

Clutter founder and CEO Brian Thomas says that security is one of the most important factors of the business. “We put our employees through rigorous background checks and thorough tests to ensure that the users have a safe experience,” said Thomas. “Plus, we’ve added anti-tamper stickers so the user can see that a box hasn’t been opened since they closed it themselves.”

Clutter also insures against theft, loss, natural disasters and water damage.

If you’re an LA resident and are interested in checking out Clutter, head over to the website or download the app now from the App Store.

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