Alleged iPad 5 Case Parts Leak In Video, Show Much Smaller Device Footprint Vs. Current Retina iPad

Apple’s supposed next-generation iPad case components are on display in a new high-definition video from Unbox Therapy, showing a design that is clearly inspired by the iPad mini. This agrees with what we’ve heard and seen from previous leaks, but until now it’s been hard to get a solid grasp on just how dramatic the difference is between the current iPad and the one that’s said to be arriving in October or thereabouts to replace it.

The new iPad design looks to shave around 15mm off of the current model in terms of device width, and also looks to shave off some depth, both of which will probably result in a much lighter, easier to hold and carry device. The savings in terms of the overall width appear to come from a smaller bezel surrounding the unchanged 9.7-inch screen, which is again a trick borrowed from the iPad mini.

In the video, you can see how the new iPad case parts compare directly to the old version, and view additional details like a mirrored Apple logo on the back, as well as dual speaker ports at the bottom, separated volume buttons vs. a rocker on the old model, and more abruptly tapered edges, vs. the gradual slope on the current iPad.

By far the biggest failing of the Retina iPads has been their slight size increase over the iPad 2 to accommodate bigger batteries to power those juice-hungry high-resolution displays. If Apple’s truly going to focus on delivering a slimmer, sleeker case with the iPad 5, we could see a lot of iPad 2 hold-outs rushing to upgrade.