Twitter Updates Android, iOS And Web With New Conversation View, Abuse Reporting

Twitter has just released an update for iOS, Android and the web application with a brand new interface for conversations, as well as enhanced sharing and abuse reporting capabilities. According to the official blog post, the idea is to make it easier to follow and discover conversations.

With the updates, users will see full conversations between people they follow in their timeline as opposed to standalone @replies that may be sent hours or even days after the original tweet (the conversation starter) was sent.

This always allowed for strange, context-free tweets in the consumption experience, but with the new update users will have a bit more understanding of what’s being tweeted back in forth in a conversation.

Conversations are shown with a blue vertical line between them, with the first tweet in a conversation appearing on top, chronologically. If there are more than two replies, you can click into the blue line to see all the replies in that conversation.

This is a pretty major update to the way that Twitter works and is fundamental to getting a larger demographic on a social network that can be pretty scary and unfamiliar at first.

But that’s not all. The update also lets you share conversations via email, as well as the ability to share individual tweets by email on either iPhone or Android. Android users even have the benefit of sharing tweets via PM within Twitter.

Past the conversations revamp, Twitter has also included the ability to report individual tweets for abuse or spam directly from the web and Android apps, which was previously unavailable. The feature, which has been available on iPhone for quite a while, will roll out slowly.

The updates are available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Take a look at the video: