Comcast Ventures’ Adit Singh Heads To Foundation Capital To Focus On Enterprise Investments

After raising $282 million for its seventh fund, Foundation Capital is adding a new partner to its ranks — Adit Singh, a former investor and senior associate with Comcast Ventures, will be an investment partner at the firm.

We’re told that in his new role, Singh will focus on identifying and investing in startups specializing in enterprise IT infrastructure, systems, software and services. Enterprise and IT make up about 60 percent of Foundation’s investments, says Singh. In particular, he’s focused on digging deep on the next evolution of data center, including startups disrupting virtualized storage networks and the software defined data center.

During his time at Comcast Ventures, Singh specialized in companies in the cloud computing, data center, networking, management, security and virtualization sectors. He sourced and helped manage investments in Nebula, Tely Labs and Maginatics. He was also an observer in Compass EOS, ConteXtream, Benu Networks and Immedia Semiconductor.

Singh also co-founded Bitsplay Systems, a networking appliance company that was optimized to stream video from data centers. Additionally, he was a former EIR at Foundation, a product manager at Enphase Energy and a chip designer at Cisco Systems.

Foundation has been staffing up new talent for its investment team, most recently adding former Twitter product lead Anamitra Banerji as a partner. Part of this is likely because of the fact that two of the firm’s partners, Paul Koontz and Rich Redelfs, have chosen not to continue to make new investments on behalf of Foundation in its new fund (but Redelfs and Koontz are continuing to serve on a number of boards from past investments).