Owlet, A Bootie That Tells You How Your Baby Is Breathing, Hits The Crowdfunding Trail

The lives of new parents are fraught with stress but now the weight of knowing whether or not your wee one is breathing can be lifted. Owlet is a small bootie that the baby wears while sleeping. It signals heartrate and respiration and you can check in on the little shaver via a mobile device. As a parent of three, I remember a few rough moments spent peeking in on the quiet little ones out of fear or curiosity.

The company is asking for pledges of $159 to get an early-bird unit (the price will go up to $199 once they sell out). They are looking for funding of $100,000. They’ve reached $25,000 so far.

The sensor measures heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing, and sends sleep alerts when baby rolls over while asleep. It also takes temperature measurements. It runs on Bluetooth LTE so you can check on your baby when it’s nearby using your smartphone or remotely via an Internet-connected computer.

There are definitely similar tools that you can use but none fit so snugly in a wearable device. While baby bed sensors are nothing new, the fact that this gives a full complement of important information that can help parents and pediatricians both is pretty important.

You can preorder here and they plan on shipping in November.