Microsoft’s New Scroogled Ad Sets Fresh Low For Bad Writing, Boring Argument

The annals of bad Microsoft advertising have a new member today — a short clip that attempts to paint Google as evil because its services contain advertising. Contrast this with Bing’s educational offering, which does not. So, use Bing in your classroom! Because Google is bad! Credit score!

The ad is stilted, poorly written, and mostly annoying. The Scroogled campaign continues, much as it always has.

Why, you might ask? Most point to the hiring of Mark Penn, who previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. So why would he be in favor of sustaining the Scroogled efforts? Because it’s how he communicates with the competition during political campaigns, and because it worked so well last time (Hillary Clinton, is, of course, our current president). And so, as long as Penn is at Microsoft, I think that Scroogled will be, too.

Oh well. Instead of competing on real features or the quality of search results, Microsoft is touting the removal of mostly innocuous ads from its search results. This is odd, as Bing’s educational program has a cool component worth advertising: Students can earn Surface tablets for their schools if they participate. That’s neat. Trying to mock Google for having small advertising on its search product is just banal.

Anyway, watch the thing, laugh, and get on with your day:

Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble