Gilt Launches Personalized Sales, Because Personalization Is Where It’s At

Personalization seems to be the name of the game in e-commerce right now, and to that end, the luxury flash sales site Gilt has just added a user-specific sales page to their offerings. The algorithm-powered feature, aptly called “Your Personal Sale,” culls and presents the best sales for each user based on factors like their purchase history, geographic location, and browsing behavior.

It’s a step beyond the daily emails that Gilt shoppers receive, which already tailor content to the user. It also represents a continued investment in the flash sale model, which other sites like Fab have not been able to sustain.

“We’re fully invested in flash. Flash is all about the daily visit,” Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs told us. “We’re investing more in the flash model by creating an every day sale that’s new. People are coming back more frequently, and they’re excited to see what’s in their sale tomorrow.”

For users who do check the site daily, a personalized sale roster could be helpful as a way to assess their options quickly, especially given how easy it is to miss a flash sale. And, of course, showing people items that they’re predisposed to like is an easy way to get them buying and coming back for more.

E-commerce personalization often blends into the woodwork, taking the form of sidebar recommendations and ads on Facebook showing items similar to the one I bought one from that retailer last week. Gilt’s “Your Personal Sale” turns it into the main event and a destination.

“Your Personal Sale” is launching for womenswear and menswear today, with home and kids categories to follow. Gilt is also at work on another personalized sale feature, which will likely go live in a few months’ time.