Nextdoor, The Social Network For Neighborhoods, Launches Android App As It Continues Mobile Push

Nextdoor, the company that lets people create private social networks accessible only by the people in their local neighborhoods, is debuting its first native Android app this morning.

Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia swung by TechCrunch TV to tell us the latest about the company’s mobile push, and give us a quick hands-on look at Nextdoor for Android. You can check that out in the video embedded above.

The Android launch comes three months after Nextdoor debuted its native app for the iPhone, and Tolia says growth on that platform has been strong — more than 20 percent of all the content posted to Nextdoor today comes through the iOS app. The reason that Nextdoor launched first on iPhone is because that was the preferred mobile device of the majority of its user base at that time, he said, which makes sense as Nextdoor was adopted earliest in Silicon Valley neighborhoods around the company’s native San Francisco Bay Area.

But expanding into Android is key, given the wider reach of the Android platform — today’s launch means that Nextdoor has an app for 91 percent of all U.S. smartphone users. Since Nextdoor says its aiming to go international at some point later this year and wants to be used by urban, rural, affluent, and low-income neighborhoods alike, it’s smart to be available on as many platforms as possible.

Some more stats about Nextdoor: More than 17,800 neighborhoods have been added to the platform, up nearly 50 percent in the last three months alone. Anecdotally, the growth I’ve seen in my Nextdoor network in San Francisco has been pretty amazing — regular people really do use Nextdoor to talk to their neighbors about everything from garden parties, to lost dogs, to local crime.