Morphlabs Raises $10M To Support Growth In The Greenfield Asia Market

Morphlabs has raised $10 million for its OpenStack management console that optimizes the hardware and the software with Flash technology for better speed and performance in cloud infrastructures. The round was led by Tallwood Management and Entropy Research Lab and also included existing investor G2iG. Morphlabs has raised a total of $22.5 million.

Morphlabs, which is experiencing growth in the services sector, particularly in Asia, offers turnkey solutions with software especially tuned for specific hardware vendors. For example, Dell hardware is optimized with Morphlabs. Media Temple uses the Dell-Morphlabs integration to offer cloud services to its small-business customers.

There’s a reason OpenStack is described as a cloud-building platform. It’s designed for companies to build their own infrastructures that are elastic and can federate with other OpenStack systems. It’s not just about installing software on a bunch of servers. It’s an entire system that connects the different layers of the data center, pooling everything into one virtualized environment. Once ready to go, it can connect to other infrastructures that run on OpenStack, too.

Earlier this week, I explored the reasons that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said OpenStack won’t gain traction in the enterprise. He makes the claim that more so, OpenStack is a better alternative for service providers.

That’s certainly true, but federation is emerging in the rest of the world, particularly in the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Telecommunications companies there are showing some of the earliest signs of how OpenStack could dominate public services and corporate enterprise environments. Federation means a pretty much limitless space for companies to extend their enterprise. And with that distribution comes all kinds of benefits, ranging from the use of SaaS tools to advanced data analytics. The better the distributed infrastructure, the more services an organization can employ.

Morphlabs competes in a very crowded space. This integrated method is something that Nebula is developing with its custom-made OpenStack boxes. HP and IBM are looking also to leverage their prowess in converged infrastructures.

Nevertheless, Morphlabs has discovered a greenfield on the Pacific Rim that is helping companies build out cloud infrastructures for the enterprise and consumer markets.