Google’s Street View Ups Its Panda Count, Adds 6 New Zoos

For quite a while now, Google has featured Street View imagery from zoos around the world. Today, the company decided to highlight some of these image collections on its new Views site and also added six new zoos to its lineup.

The new zoos that are now featured on Street View are the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Houston Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Buin Zoo in Chile, Zoologico de Bauru in Brazil and the Zoo Safari Park Stukenbrock and Tierpark Hagenbeck in Germany.

These join a number of other zoos the company recently added to Street View, including Sydney’s Taronga Zoo (which was the first location in Australia to be mapped with Google’s Street View trike), as well as zoos in Chicago, San Diego, Toronto, Singapore and Barcelona.

Today’s relatively small update comes after a flurry of activity earlier this year. In June, for example, Google added 1,000 Street View locations to its collection, ranking from sports stadiums and Chilean ski slopes to the canals of Copenhagen (and a few zoos, too). Google’s underwater Street View cameras also continue to bring new imagery to the service, and its back pack-like trekker has been everywhere from the Gal├ípagos islands to the Eiffel Tower in recent months.