Small Firm Creates A 3D-Printed Scale Model Of The Hyperloop

This video shows you probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a physical representation of the Hyperloop. It is a 3D scale model made by a nascent company called WhiteClouds and it showcases the teams 3D modeling prowess and, more wistfully, shows what the Hyperloop could be.

The team at WhiteClouds went to work. Each designer took a component of the Hyperloop concept and designed digital 3D models based on images released by Musk. The model consists of elevated tubes that are supported by pillars. There are passenger transport capsules that run through the tubes and a station where people will load and unload.

The Odgen-based team printed the model on three different printers using three different materials. They added a bit of color to the seats, smoothed them out, and now are the proud owners of a small, non-working model of the Hyperloop suitable for children’s parties and futuristic stop motion animations. Now if they could just 3D print these things full-sized using aluminum tubing and billions of dollars of right-of-way land grants then I think they’d really be in business. Regardless, it’s a noble effort.