Nota Is An Ultrafine Tablet Stylus With A 3.7mm Tip So You Can Scribble Neater

Hex3, the company behind a successfully Kickstarted pressure-sensitive stylus called JaJa — which got a pretty solid review from my colleague Darrell Etherington last year — has launched another stylus crowdfunding project, called Nota, that’s aimed at making scribbling on a tablet more precise.

The shtick of this latest stick is that it has a very fine tip: 3.7mm no less — which its creators claim makes it less than half the size of “most” other stylus tips. Being so thin allows for greater precision when drawing/writing vs thicker-tipped styluses owing to less distortion of the lines being formed.

Nota also has a more rigid tip than rubber-tipped alternatives, being as its tip is electrically active silicon, rather than squishy rubber to mimic a finger. Ergo, it can be more precise (and presumably doesn’t feel as draggy as some rubber styluses can).

Nota is apparently compatible with all Android and iOS tablet apps, according to its creators. And is powered by a single AAA that can last for up to six months of use.

The project has already passed its $40,000 crowdfunding funding goal with 17 days left to run. The two cheapest early bird pledge tiers have all been bagged so Nota now costs $39 or more via Kickstarter. It’s expected to be shipped to backers in January.