Coinbase Adds SMS Commands So You Can Send BTC Via QR On The Q.T.

Coinbase has added SMS commands to their already user-friendly Bitcoin wallet and purchasing systems. The system, which uses simple commands (qr $100 will make a QR code for a $100 request to your account) and a trusted phone to make things a bit easier on BTC lovers.

Another example, “request 1.5 sold him a bucket of steam,” allows you to request 1.5 BTC from a certain user with a note in the request. You can read more about the commands on Coinbase’s blog.

To use the system you must first register your phone with the Coinbase server and then text your commands to 1-650-316-5555.

Bitcoin is hard to use on mobile. There are a few solutions but nothing as simple as, say, a PayPal transaction. That’s why these basic commands are so important: they allow you to securely transfer BTC between users using little more than SMS messages. This means you can interact with your Bitcoin even without a data plan.

Love it or hate it, Bitcoin seems like it’s here to stay. It’s cool that Coinbase is thinking about the problem of BTC transactions so creatively.