U.K. Web Marketing Firm, 4th Aspect, Tops Up Seed With £400K To Fund R&D & Sales Push

U.K.-based marketing startup 4th aspect has topped up its seed-funding, closing a new investment of £400,000 from Angel CoFund, Rivers Capital Partners & Tweed Renaissance Investors Capital. This expands the £250,000 it received from two of those investors, Rivers Capital and TRI Capital, earlier this year. Total investment since it was founded in 2010 is now around £750,000, it told TechCrunch.

The startup is based in Sunderland, in the North of England — far from the beating heart of East London’s Tech City (4th aspect investor, Angel CoFund, is part-backed by the UK government’s Regional Growth Fund, which aims to offset the UK’s North/South funding divide).

4th aspect says it plans to use the new funding for research and product development. It’s also planning to bolster its team, particular in the sales and customer support areas, and to spend on marketing and PR to drive more sales.

Its approach to web marketing is to streamline and unify various different marketing activities into a single product. The company said it has sold more than 100 licences for its software, mostly in the U.K. to-date — but says it plans to promote its product internationally next year.

Its offering incorporates analytics, social media, link building and project management. In addition, its system can also integrate custom marketing tools — such as, for instance, a proprietary Shopping Cart Abandonment Monitor a customer uses — into the single dashboard view.

4th aspect says its main competitors in this streamlined online marketing space are Moz AnalyticsSalesforce Marketing Cloud and HubSpot.