Pinterest Analytics Platform PinLeague’s New Top Repinners Tool Offers Detailed Insight About Top Followers

In theory, Pinterest is a marketer’s dream come true: 70 million users, mostly young and affluent women, essentially voting for their favorite brands, products and online content. The site, however, offers very limited user analytics. Launched five months ago, Pinterest’s Web Analytics tool shows a limited set of data, and only for companies with a verified Web site. PinLeague is a analytics and marketing platform that fills the gap. Its new Top Repinners feature, which launched today, allows clients to see detailed data about who is repinning their content.

Pinterest currently displays only the names of users who have repinned content and how many times it has been repinned or liked. This makes it difficult for marketers to figure out which of their pins are the most popular or glean further insight from their Pinterest accounts, including individual or demographic information about their repinners.


The Top Repinners tool lets PinLeague’s clients view who their most active repinners are over specific time frames. This allows brands to reach out to their most dedicated or influential followers, tailor marketing strategies for certain groups of people, decide what time to upload new content or figure out how to attract more fans.

“Repins are the most common form of user engagement on Pinterest, yet repins are not well understood,” said PinLeague CEO and co-founder Danny Maloney in a statement. “Before we implemented this new feature, marketers did not have adequate visibility into who was repinning their content, where it was being repinned and why.”

Founded in February 2012, PinLeague provides Pinterest analytics and marketing services for 1,500 brands and 200 social media and public relations agencies around the world.