Twenty People Injured At LG G2 Promotional Event

LG held a promotional event in Seoul, South Korea where 20 people were injured in a race to grab balloons containing free certificates for the company’s latest smartphone, the G2.

Some attendees were reportedly armed with BB guns, along with one woman who carried in a long, pointed staff. According to the Korea Times, LG is covering medical costs of those injured during the event.

LG has been trying to build hype around this phone for a long time. On June 19, the company sent out a press release announcing that its next big phone would run on a Snapdragon 600 processor, with no further information.

In early July, the company sent out an invite emphasizing the G2 naming for the flagship phone, and released a teaser video. The phone, of course, was never shown. But LG did put together an inspiring little ad, showing a POV perspective of someone walking through their life in NYC and finding surprise signs everywhere that read: “To me, you are perfect. From, G.”

A day later on July 9, pictures and video of the G2 leaked, possibly on purpose.

LG even went so far as to offer payment for (and dictate) coverage of the smartphone to various media outlets ahead of the phone’s official announcement last week.

The event seems to play off of the ad’s big, climactic scene (update: the video has since been made private), which shows giant red balloons carrying a massive sign with the same message, Brooklyn Bridge at sunset in the background.

Unfortunately, things weren’t quite as picturesque for attendees of the South Korea event. LG has reportedly cancelled all plans for similar promotions.

[via The Verge]