Wittlebee Co-Founder (And Former Myspace Exec) Sean Percival Joins Topix As VP Of Marketing

Sean Percival, who was most recently co-founder and CEO of children’s clothing subscription startup Wittlebee, has joined online discussion site Topix as vice president of marketing.

Percival left Wittlebee earlier this year due to fundraising trouble, and he said he’s taking a role at Topix that has been “vacant for a bit.” His résumé includes a stint as vice president of online marketing at Myspace (back in the good old days where they still capitalized the “S”), and director of content/content manager at Tsavo Media, docstoc, and Mahalo.

I first became familiar with Percival as the founder of LA startup gossip site Lalawag, so I was surprised to hear that he’s moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area to take the job at Topix.

“It was tough to leave LA, but the possibilities up here were just too hard to ignore any longer,” he told me via email. As for why he’s joining Topix in particular, Percival said he wanted to get back “into content and growth related product development,” adding, “Topix is the perfect match for that with its large foundation of millions of existing users and exciting opportunities for developing new verticals.”

Topix said earlier this year that it saw 40 percent traffic growth between December 2011 and December 2012 (thanks in part, one assumes to the launch of its politics-focused subsection Politix), and it says it continues to be profitable. (Topix is also a site where the discussion can turn pretty nasty, so whenever I write about it there’s always someone popping up to talk about how much they hate it.)

In addition to announcing Percival’s hire, Topix also says senior director of sales Laurie Hironaka has been promoted to vice president of sales. In the press release, CEO Chris Tolles said, “We now have the product, marketing and sales teams in place to complement our top tier engineering organization and drive growth in the next part of our story.”