Week One With The Misfit Shine — A Hands-On Review From Someone Who Hates Most Activity Trackers

Fitness is a very personal thing, so when it comes to the ever-expanding market of activity tracking gadgets, it always helps to hear what exactly different people love or hate about a given device when trying to assess if it’s the right one for you. It’s kind of like why Yelp is good for restaurant reviews — it helps to get details from lots of different people when coming to your own conclusions.

So when I kept hearing Felicia Williams, my coworker here who heads up the programming for TechCrunch TV, talk about her brand new Misfit Shine device, I dragged her in front of the camera to discuss it in-depth and provide us with another perspective on what the experience is like.

Felicia says she never considered herself to be an activity tracker type of person — she hates wearing things around her wrist, for starters — so to have her get so into using the Misfit Shine has been fascinating to watch. The Shine just hit the shelves of Apple stores this past week, but Felicia had her device a week before that since she funded Misfit’s Indiegogo campaign.

Watch the video embedded above to see Felicia using the Shine during her daily jogs and dog walks, check out the “pretty” software that Felicia says has made her practically addicted to opening the Shine app, and hear Felicia talk about several of the downsides of the gadget and app that keep her from giving the Shine experience a 10 out of 10 rating.