Loverly Launches New Features To Help Brides Obsess Over Their Big Day

Loverly, the Pinterest-style wedding search engine for brides, has been busy this year. After launching a mobile app which has to date seen over 65,000 downloads, the company is now adding even more functionality to the site with the addition of a trending tab.

This lets users see exactly what’s popular on the site in real time, giving brides and grooms yet another way to discover their bridesmaids dresses, cake, or wedding location.

For those of you who haven’t discovered Loverly yet, think of it as a Pinterest for weddings. The site uses professional imagery from wedding bloggers, vendors and photographers and lets brides search by category, color, or just perform a basic search.

Brides can bundle items together based on category, like bouquets for example, and “love” various items as well.

Users can even purchase select products directly from the vendor within the site thanks to some solid brand partnerships in the wedding space.

Loverly recently launched a recommendations tab, which pulled in information from your bundles and likes to give you the best possible items based on your style. On the other side of the equation, the company also offered vendors their own brand pages with “My Portfolios.”

Now, taking discovery a step further and pulling from our habit of internet stalking, Loverly now lets you search through other users’ bundles for inspiration.

Loverly has come a long way since it originally landed a $500k seed round in early 2012. The company now has a robust wedding search engine and companion mobile app, as well as a strong following of brides and wedding planners.

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