In The Future, Google Glass Makes Your Face A Trading Floor So You Can Never Escape Your Portfolio

More and more, wearable computing seems like a very bad idea that will only serve to make it impossible for any of us to disconnect for any amount of time at all. In case you need further proof, take a look at this concept video from Fidelity Labs, which is an early development partner for Google Glass. They’ve just launched Fidelity Market Monitor for Glass, so that watching your net worth rise and fall with the vicissitude of the stock market is now easier than ever.

This is the “first investing Glassware widely available for Google Glass,” the company says, feeding quotes and prices from major U.S. indexes at market close. The current feature set is pretty lightweight, but the concept video shows how it might expand in the future to offer account access, up-to-the-minute market information, news and stock pricing information based on image recognition of things like corporate logos.

Glass is exciting since it’s a brand new product category that could potentially bring about exciting changes in how we live, but it’s also sort of terrifying in terms of just how much it could drive us deeper down the digital rabbit hole. Watching the apps that come out for the platform will help us get a better sense of exactly what kind of dystopian future we’re headed for (or, depending on your perspective I guess, show us the utopia to come).