Google Drive Now Lets You Spellcheck Entire Documents At Once, Adds Customizable Lists


We haven’t seen any groundbreaking updates to Google Drive’s productivity tools lately, but the company continues to regularly make small improvements to them. Today, it’s adding a new spellcheck mode and more customizable numbered and bulleted lists for those “who love structure.”

The new spellcheck mode will look familiar to those who grew up in the age before real-time spellcheck became the standard (or who still use this mode in Word, for example). With it, you can check the spelling of the entire document or presentation at once.

To get started, just head for “tools” and then select “spelling.” A small window will pop up on the side of the screen, and you can change or ignore all those unfortunate typos in your document.

As for the new customizable bulleted lists, Google says you can now “change the color, size, and style of individual bullets, or even customize your own — whatever you prefer!” The most useful feature here is probably the ability to change individual bullets so you can mark certain items as done, for example.

Just last week, Google Drive added an improved link tool to its feature set, and it also recently improved its sharing settings.