YouTube’s Geek Week Easter Eggs Celebrate Missile Command, Star Trek And Bronies

YouTube just wrapped up its first Geek Week, a celebration of all things geek. Besides featuring daily videos of things like slow motion water balloon fights, Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about science and anime versions of Doctor Who, YouTube also featured a daily Easter Egg each day. If you’re like us and you didn’t fully pay attention to every single one of these, here is a full list of all of them, including a pretty fun Missile Command clone that has you defend your favorite videos from those pesky missiles.

We don’t know how long any of these will remain live on YouTube, so give them a try now before they’re gone.

Missile Command: To play Missile Command on YouTube, just type 1980 while your watching a video. The trick here is to just click on the white space on the page and start typing (not in the search bar!). Need some extra power? Type ‘2300’ while you are playing.


My Little Pony: Looking for something less stressful? Just search for ‘ponies‘ or ‘bronies.’ If nothing happens right away, just give it a few seconds.


Space: Star Trek and Star Wars fans will be happy to hear they weren’t forgotten, either. Just type in ‘use the force luke‘ or ‘beam me up scotty‘ to get “Jedi-style control over the page elements” (that’s what Google called it) and see videos load Star Trek-style.


Elite: Still enjoy l33t speak? Type ‘1337’ on any page and take a look at the YouTube comments. They all suddenly make a lot more sense.


ASCII: A slightly older Easter Egg that’s also still working is ASCII YouTube. Just put a ‘/’ in front of any search term and see what happens.

The one Easter Egg I haven’t been able to get to work anymore is “fibonnaci.” Searching for this apparently made your videos load into a golden spiral last Monday (8/5//13 – all Fibonnaci numbers).

Bonus: In case you are wondering what ‘bronies’ are all about, here is a video that explains it: