Presenting The Funniest Vines Of 2013 (Thus Far)

It’s Friday in August and you know what that means: another episode in our semi-regular series entitled “Justify The Continued Existence Of Vine In The Face Of Massive Competition In The Video Sharing Space By Highlighting A Number Of Very Funny Short Videos By Vine Users!” Today we bring you the funniest Vines in 2013 so far, as chosen by some dude.

Incidentally, this was the first episode.

While some of these are somewhat cruel and stupid – who drop kicks their friends into the pool? – others are quite funny. There’s not much NSFW video – just a few f-bombs – so it’s acceptable material for a nice, long bathroom visit during the workday.

The compilation shows off what might be Vine’s greatest strength: a rabid community built around humor. The six-second limit lends itself to intense creativity, comedic timing, and social media snacking.

Knowing you can open Vine and get a dose of humor even if you just have a moment makes the app so addictive. It’s the community that could keep people Vining, even if Instagram Video has more features.

So until next episode, keep Vining!

Sorry about the thumbnail. Not my fault.

Additional commentary by Josh Constine