Unerdwear Turns Out Not To Be An April Fool — It’s A ‘Softwear’ Startup

Back on April 1st we told you that TechCrunch’s European team would be launching our very own range of “softwear” – a range of “underware” for nerds. Clean Tech, if you will. Admittedly this was a bit of prank (April 1st might have been a giveaway). But the people who set up our joke site decided not to keep it as a joke after-all, and now “Unerdwear” is actually launching.

This is fun project by a designer collective from Krakow, Poland who are currently residing in New York. As they say: “We want to build a great lifestyle brand for our beloved nerds, it’s not intended as a mass-market product.” What we’re talking about here is designer boxers with very geeky patterns. Think of it as “wearable” tech. And well, they do say softwear is eating the world, right? (ok, we’ll give up the jokes now).

Unerdwear Boxers (“Nerdies”) are 100% cotton, made in Europe (Poland), sold in limited series and were tried out at a couple of recent tech conferences where they did pretty well.

But the patterns should appeal to geeks like us, as they include “Developer Tools”, “PRISM 1954” and “Bacon I Love You”. The “Rails Girls Summer of Code” range will donate cash to that cause.

The core team of Joanna Socha and Kasia Bojanowska were both involved with Applicake, Railsberry and MMConf and are backed by Ela Madej and Agata Mazur. Both Socha and Ela are Y Combinator alumni.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.