We Should… Be Better Friends

We should go get drinks sometime soon. We should totally go on a trip to Atlantic City! You know what we should do? We should get everyone together for a parrrtyyyy! Yeah!

It’s easy to make plans, but keeping them is a different story. A new app launching out of New York aims to change all that. However, the aptly named WeShould app doesn’t work like any of the social planning apps that have come before it. Rather than making connections, setting dates, and choosing activities on a network, WeShould is one-sided, with no real networking function at all.

Instead, WeShould users are asked to choose ten friends they plan on hanging out with soon. These can be imported from Facebook or input manually. Then, you can add more detail to each friendship, including how often you hang out with this or that person, what activities you enjoy together, etc.

From there, you have a dashboard outlining each of your major friendships, letting you make a plan, jot down a gift idea, or set a reminder. If you make a plan, you have four easy options of movies, food, deals, and tickets. WeShould partners with Fandango, Yelp, LivingSocial and SeatGeek to offer an app-within-an-app experience, so you can buy tickets and book trips right then and there.

But if none of those options tickle your fancy, WeShould offers up curated experiences based on your friendship feedback, in challenge form. They sound something like: “Pick a bar trivia night and go for a top three finish,” or “go for a one-hour walk and discover some new things.”

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By using the app-within-an-app model, WeShould pays nothing to the services sending in data but rather receives a small percentage of each sale made within the WeShould app. Meanwhile, the company plans on transitioning the challenge section of the app into a sponsored challenge revenue stream.

Imagine, Heineken sponsoring a beer pong challenge, or Eataly sponsoring a lasagna-making challenge.

But beyond business models and cash flow, WeShould does something interesting to the idea of social planning. There are already more than enough tools out there to facilitate setting a plan, or making a date. Instead of trying to funnel that communication through a brand new platform, WeShould is more of a personal planner and assistant, dedicated to making us better friends.

Sure, it could use some navigational tweaks, but the core of the idea is a smart one. If you’re interested in more, check out WeShould on the Apple App Store.