Pumpic Photo-Sharing Service Launches Group Albums

As major companies like Yahoo! and Google continue to iterate their photo-sharing services, Flickr and Picasa, a new startup is swooping in with quite the proposition.

Pumpic lets users store unlimited photos which are accessible from any device, and if that weren’t enough, the company today announced group albums, letting users add and modify albums with a group of friends.

Here’s how it works: Pumpic first uploads a 1-megapixel version of each of your photos from any device. According to founder Hay Taub, this offers a solid viewing experience on any device, from PC to smartphone. After that, Pumpic begins uploading your images in full resolution.

This way, users are able to categorize, share, and enjoy photos in seconds, while still maintaining full resolution versions of their photos.

With group albums, Pumpic is looking to solve pain points on other platforms. Unlike Dropbox and Bitcasa, Pumpic’s group albums let each user have control over their own version of the group album, without letting any one user delete photos for anyone else.

In other words, when a user adds photos to a group album, those photos are available to everyone in the group. So even if I delete a few of them, everyone (except for me, of course) still has access to them.

Users can even upload pictures to Facebook directly from Pumpic, which is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

For now, the service offers unlimited storage for free to users, including the group albums feature. However, Taub explains that Pumpic will eventually generate revenue by selling prints and other merchandise like mugs, posters, calendars, etc.

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