Guardius Is A New App For Finding The Add-Ons That Make Your Browser Crawl

Browser plug-ins, toolbars and add-ons have proliferated over the years. While many are useful, others seem to become trojan horses, allowing the original developer to add bloat-ware to the existing service. Users are often unaware of this, until their browser starts creaking under the weight of all the crap that either they are unknowingly adding to it, or the developers are silently adding.

Produced by Perion, which itself produces browser add-ons and is a well know player in the space, Guardius is a new desktop app that lets you work out which add-ons are slowing down your browser.

That data is then fed in to the platform in a crowd-sourced manner so that others can benefit from it and apply it to their own browser.

The app has been running in a closed beta, but is now being offered to the public by invitation only. You can get an invite here. During the limited beta phase, the app will be completely free for beta testers.

Perion also produced email app IncrediMail and Smilebox but if Guardius is successful it could be spun out as its own startup.