AOL Lays Off Members Of AIM, Video Production, And HR Teams

AOL made another round of cuts today.

The news was first reported in Valleywag, which said the layoffs “won’t break any records for AOL” and that the cuts include some recent hires.

A spokesperson for AOL (which owns TechCrunch) declined to comment, but a source with knowledge of the company confirmed that there were layoffs today, and that, as reported, they affected the AIM, video production, and human resources teams. (AOL reportedly laid off 40 members of AIM team last year.) Although my source did not say how many people were affected, they did note that there are other areas of AOL that are still hiring.

By the way, the company will be releasing its second quarter earnings report on Wednesday. Since the quarter ends on July 31, the report won’t cover today’s layoffs, presumably, but it should give a general sense of whether the cuts indicate broader issues or if this is, from a company perspective, a relatively minor administrative move.