Tubular Labs Launches Audience Analytics Platform For YouTubers Into Public Beta

YouTubers need tools to better understand and grow their audiences, and Tubular Labs has built out a SaaS-based platform for just that. Once only available in private beta, Tubular’s dashboard is now becoming available to more users as it enters the public beta phase of its rollout.

The company built its analytics dashboard to give advanced insight into where YouTube audiences are coming from, and to help creators to engage directly with their biggest fans. The platform is designed to look at a number of signals that will give creators better tools for optimizing their channels and growing their number of viewers and subscribers.

Tubular helps creators to understand when their viewers are most active or most likely to tune in, allowing them to target video releases around those times. It also helps them to track their growth against other competitors and find new collaborators or brand partners to work with.

engagements_072413_influentialBut the most important tool in the dashboard may revolve around the ability to identify influencers in your audience and to engage with them. By tracking these social engagements, brands, digital studios, and creators can know what influential people are saying about them, and to start a dialog with them as a way to build and grow their fan bases.

Up until now, that SaaS-based platform was only available to a select number of YouTube creators and networks, as Tubular sought to work out any kinks in the product. Already it’s being used by more than 100 channels and networks, including AwesomenessTV, Big Frame, INDMUSIC, Machinima, and StyleHaul. But today it’s opening the tool up to others to try out in public beta.

The company is hoping that will help grow audiences at more YouTube channels. The company reports that regular users were able to grow their subscriber bases by 30 percent in the second quarter, which is 16 percent faster than non-users. Video views also increased by 12 percent above the norm, according to Tubular.

Tubular Labs was founded last summer and has raised $3.1 million in funding since then from investors that include FirstMark Capital, High Line Venture Partners, SVAngel, Lerer Ventures, and Bedrocket Media Ventures, as well as angels such as Allen and Philip DeBevoise, Matt Coffin, Ben Ling, Ben Smith, Corbin Day, Dean Gilbert, Hilary Schneider, James Walker, John Hadl, Paul Bricault, and Tony Nethercutt.