Stealth Startup Fantex Wants To Make It Possible For Celebrities To IPO

If corporations can be people, why can't people be corporations? A stealth startup called Fantex aims to allow celebrities and professional athletes to file for initial public offerings (IPOs). Fan

Because Walking Saves Lives, Mobilizer Inc. Is A Startup That’s Aiming To Get Hospital Patients Moving

For sedentary medical patients, one of the easiest ways to reduce the time of hospital stays and decrease the risk of complications like blood clots and pressure ulcers is simply to get up and walk ar

CrunchWeek: iPhone Trade-Ins, The New New Foursquare, And Twitter’s Blue Lines Problem

This weekend, summer is sadly coming to a close (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least.) But all is not lost! At least we still have <a href="">CrunchWeek</

India’s Visa Maze Ensnares Foreign Entrepreneurs

Returning for his fourth and final visit to the Indian offices that would grant him a coveted five-year business visa, social entrepreneur Alex Stevens* was confident his wild goose chase was almost a

How Amazon Is Tackling Personalization And Curation For Sellers On Its Marketplace

When it comes to personalization, Amazon has been one of the pioneers in mining and using data to create a more curated e-commerce experience for consumers. But by now, nearly all e-commerce companies

Gillmor Gang: Contextual Adults

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — settle in for the Labor Day weekend with a tour of a busy news week. Stops along the way include iBeac

Coinchat Is A Chatroom Where Talking Sense Earns You Bitcoin

Coinchat is a Bitcoin-incentivised browser-based chatroom where you can shoot the breeze with strangers online and earn Bitcoin in the process. Where's the catch? Well, there isn't really one. The Bit

The Decline And Fall Of Flowtab, A Startup Story

It started with an idea: How can we get our drinks more quickly at the bar? Dreamed up at 2 a.m. in Coloft, a Los Angeles coworking space, future founder Mike Townsend doodled up an iPad application m

Google Confirms It Has Acquired Android Smartwatch Maker WIMM Labs

Google has confirmed it acquired WIMM Labs last year, a company that previously made an Android-powered smartwatch before shuttering operations in 2012. At the time a message on its website said it ha

Former Waywire CEO Nate Richardson Joins AOL As President Of AOL Live

A few weeks ago we reported that Nate Richardson, the CEO and co-founder of Waywire, would be leaving the company as it makes a strategic shift from content creation to content curation. Well now we k

Following Mobile Test, Facebook Tries Out A ‘Trending’ Section On Its Desktop News Feed

Back in June, Facebook said it would be rolling out a number of features for following public conversations, and it looks like the company's holding true to that promise. Specifically, the company

Microsoft’s Next CEO Will Not Spin Off Xbox, Unless They Abdicate The Company’s Larger Strategic Direction

A story published by Bloomberg floats the idea that Microsoft might spin off its Xbox business, which it calls "more likely [following current CEO Steve Ballmer's] exit." The publication values Xbox a

Target Ticket, Target’s Video Download & Rental Service, Nears Launch

Target's answer to Walmart's Vudu, Netflix, and iTunes, is preparing to launch. Employees at the Minneapolis-headquartered retailer were told this week that <a target="_blank" href="http://www.targett

Ask A VC: Bessemer Venture Partners’ Ethan Kurzweil On The Evolution Of Developer Platforms And More

In this week’s episode of Ask A VC, Bessemer Venture Partners’ Ethan Kurzweil joined us in the studio. Kurzweil, who leads Bessemer’s roadmap on developer platforms and has led inves

TechCrunch Giveaway: Win Disrupt SF Tickets And Fitbits From New Relic

As Ballmer Exits, Microsoft Inks Deal With ValueAct That May Lead To Board Seat

Today Microsoft announced that it has reached a “cooperation agreement” with ValueAct Capital, an investment company that had been a thorn in its side. It was said that ValueAct wanted a s

Gillmor Gang Live 08.30.13 (TCTV)

Gillmor Gang - Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session for today has concluded

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Nintendo 2DS, Pebble, And Unikey

The <a href="">Nintendo 2DS</a> is just like a 3DS, except for the fact that it's cheaper and ha

Strike Social Analyzes The Performance Of Your YouTube Videos For Free

A new startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Strike Social</a> says its tools give YouTube publishers a way to track how their content is performing on the video site and

Lockbox Raises $2.5 Million Seed Round To Help Encrypt Your Stuff

It's hard to trust the cloud. With the NSA coming in one end and hackers coming in through the other, complete encryption is key. That's what <a target="_blank" href="
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