Veteran Gaming Journalist Steve Morgenstern Dies Of Sudden Illness

Gaming journalist Steve Morgenstern died on July 24 after a sudden illness. He was founding editor of Atari Age, a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the platform that began publishing in 1982. His daughter’s boyfriend reported the passing on Facebook.

“After reading his work as a punk kid, I was lucky enough to work with Steve for 19 years as an editor, a fellow writer and a dear friend. He was a pioneer, a true original and we will not see the like of him again,” said writer Scott Alexander. Morgenstern wrote game reviews for Rolling Stone, and his work appeared in Popular Science, Men’s Journal and elsewhere. He was also an accomplished TV and film writer.

Morgenstern was one of the quiet, calm reporters that we all read either growing up or even recently when he took on the game titles we all love. His dedication to honesty and ethical reviewing is an inspiration, and it was always nice to see him wandering the halls at press events. He is survived by his wife Helen and daughter Jessica.