Glide Tops 3.5M Downloads With Over 12 Million Seconds Of Video Shared Each Day

Glide, the video messaging app that launched on the Disrupt NY stage just a few months ago, today announced that it has reached 3.5 million downloads, with users sharing upwards of 12 million seconds of video each day. For some perspective, that’s about 139 days worth of video.

Those users are also watching around 15 million seconds of video each day. According to the official press release, daily active users have grown by 120 percent in July.

Glide is an app that lets users send private video messages to each other, in lieu of text messages. Users can also live broadcast Glides or store them in the cloud for later consumption.

Much of Glide’s growth has to be attributed to the integrated sharing features built into the app. As Sarah Perez noted in a recent post, Glide auto-invites everyone in your address book by default when you sign into the app. In order to shut this off, you must go in and uncheck every name.

When an invite is sent, Glide also sends a text saying “I have something to show you on Glide,” which is clever because it seems like a message written by a human and it implies that a video is waiting specifically for the recipient when they download the app (which isn’t necessarily true).

The ruthless and beautiful (and ruthlessly beautiful) Sam Biddle, of Valleywag, had originally accused Glide of using Nanigans, an advertising startup, to promote Glide in Facebook ads. And lying about it.

Turns out this wasn’t the case — Glide is not a Nanigans customer.

Glide’s growth can also be attributed to the startup’s ability to iterate quickly to meet the demands of users. Just recently, the app launched a much-asked-for feature that lets users forward messages to each other, as well as export videos to share on other social media channels.

Glide is available on iOS and Android.