Matt Edelman Is Stepping Down As CEO Of Digital Magazine Platform Glossi

Glossi, the maker of the digital magazine platform of the same name, is announcing that CEO Matt Edelman is stepping down from his current position and taking an advisory role with the company.

Edelman first took the reins of the company in 2010, back when it was called ThisNext and focused on social commerce. The company launched Glossi at the end of last year, pitching it as an easy way for both consumers and professional publishers to build slick-looking digital magazines.

To explain Edelman’s departure, Glossi sent me the following statement from investor Sumant Mandal, managing director at Clearstone Ventures:

Glossi, the DIY digital magazine platform, continues to shine with 30-40% month-to-month growth since its December launch. Matt Edelman and his team have done a phenomenal job building upon the pioneering social shopping platforms, ThisNext and StyleHive, to create a new and exciting rich media self-publishing platform for content creators including bloggers, marketers, publishers, small businesses, agencies and most importantly, individual users.

As the company heads into the next stage of its evolution, Matt Edelman will transition from CEO to being an advisor to the company where he will continue to remain engaged in the business well into the future. All shareholders, investors and team members, including Matt, are excited to see the continued growth of the Glossi product and remain committed to its success. More news around senior team additions to follow.

Glossi isn’t announcing a new CEO right now — presumably, that’s what the “more news” part of the email is referring to.

So is the departure voluntary? Well, we were initially tipped off by someone saying that Edelman had been fired. The fact that we’re hearing the news from an investor, rather than Edelman himself, seems suggestive, as does the fact that the announcement is coming before a replacement has been found. On the other hand, the statement itself is a little cryptic on this point, and it does emphasize that Edelman isn’t departing entirely.