Zynga Sheds Three Top Execs As Its New CEO Shakes Up The Troubled Gaming Firm

In the last month, Zynga has quietly parted ways with three of its executive staff, early changes under the period of transition that the company’s new CEO, Don Mattrick, is currently leading.

Bloomberg first reported the departure of Nathan Etter, John Osvald and Jesse Janosov. TechCrunch confirmed their collective exit with a source familiar with the matter. Etter has already updated his LinkedIn page to reflect his new role as a vice president at Disney.

However, Osvald and Janosav have yet to update their digital profiles, which still list them as vice president-level executives at the social gaming company.

That Zynga is shaking up its management structure isn’t surprising, frankly. The company’s founder and then CEO Mark Pincus stepped down from that role, in an admission that things were unwell, and that his leadership hadn’t corrected the company’s course. The company ended up in its current situation because of the choices of its senior management. Some of those folks are now no longer with the firm.

It isn’t clear at this time if the three were fired, resigned, or some combination thereof. Mattrick, during Zynga’s second-quarter earnings call, stated that he intended to look at how the firm is “deploying people at all levels of the company.” That process appears to be already under way.

In its most recent financial quarter, Zynga reported declining revenue, a net loss, and falling daily and monthly active users of its various gaming titles. The company has a sufficient cash position to grant it some time to rebuild itself, but not too much. The new question is who Mattrick will bring in to fill the roles that the departed trio left. And if they will become Microsoft talent, as well.

Top Image Credit: Brian Cantoni