Send In Your Questions For Ask A VC With Greylock’s Newest Partner Josh Elman

This week on TechCrunch TV’s Ask A VC show, we have Greylock’s newly appointed partner Josh Elman. As you may remember, you can submit questions for our guests either in the comments or here and we’ll ask them during the show.

As was announced last week, Elman is Greylock’s newest partner, focusing on consumer investments. Prior to Greylock, Elman was a product lead for growth and relevance at Twitter, and helped Twitter grow its active user base by nearly 10x. Before Twitter, Elman worked on platform at Facebook and led the launch of Facebook Connect. Earlier in his career, Elman led product management for Zazzle, was also part of the early team at LinkedIn focused on growth and jobs, and led product and engineering for RealJukebox and RealPlayer at RealNetworks.

Elman told TechCrunch last week that he’s particularly excited about social platforms, communication tools, new media, marketplaces and mobile experiences. And he’s been working on product development for over 15 years, so he has plenty to share on how to build beautiful products that delight consumers.

Please send us your questions for Elman here or put them in the comments below!