Shared.Com Takes On Mega, Dropbox With 100GB Of Free Storage Space

Share Media is a four-person, bootstrapped company that aims to take on Kim Dotcom. Their service, basically a way to drag and drop files and instantly share them with others, offers 100GB free with a file size limit of 2GB. As of this writing Kim Dotcom’s Mega has an upward limit of 50GB of storage and competitors are essentially in the same range.

Thankfully files shared on the service are not encumbered by any false download queues or “pro vs. free” speed reductions. You can grab this file without seeing ads if you so desire and the company is sharing 500 million files already. The UI is as simple as Crate’s and is aimed at the IT dev and the casual sharer.

Traffic is still slow but it’s slowly picking up. “We are taking additional time to understand the specific needs of our early adopters and making specific changes to accommodate suggestions from our first group of users,” said Florian Cervenka, CTO of the project.

“ is the prototype of our robust API that we are rolling out. Developers can essentially ‘roll their own’ cloud storage service and rapidly develop cloud storage apps,” he said. The team has worked in hosting for years, creating and other storage-heavy systems.

“We still operate some of those sites. The volume we already are using allows us to purchase cheap hardware and bandwidth and to finance this project,” he said.

You can try the service out for six months with this promo code and they’re constantly looking for feedback, so give it to them. Until then, I’m off to share my scans of 19th century postcards featuring semi-nude wood sprites.