Live From Google’s Mystery Announcement With Android Head Sundar Pichai

We’re live from San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, where Google has asked a couple dozen of us tech-minded folk to join them for the announcement of… something.

What exactly that something could be is still (kind of) a mystery — but we’re here to find out.

Google has kept pretty hush on what to expect, save for one key detail: the event is going to be lead by Sundar Pichai, who you might remember as the guy who took over the Android team after its founder, Andy Rubin, jumped to a new project. With that said, Pichai also leads the Chrome and Google Apps teams…

Will we see the official debut of Android 4.3? The long-rumored new version of the Nexus 7 tablet? Both? Or something else entirely?

The event is scheduled to start at 9 A.M Pacific, but we’ll be bringing you photos and commentary from the scene by way of our liveblog down below, beginning whenever things start to get interesting — so tune in early!