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Let’s Date Adds Flirt Notes To Help Users Get Noticed By People They’re Interested In

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RL: hey, what’s going on?
RL: when did you leave last night?
TT: I don’t want to talk to you right now.
RL: uh, what?
RL: did something happen?
TT: you got some weird notification on your phone last night
TT: it said you had a date with someone named Christine.
TT: so I left.
TT: WTF?!?!
TT: who’s Christine?
RL: was it from Let’s Date?
TT: I don’t know.
TT: you were asleep.
TT: what’s going on? why are you setting up dates?
RL: hey look, I’m sorry…
RL: I’m not dating
RL: I’m just testing out this app.
RL: it’s an app, it’s called Let’s Date.
RL: it’s like, you look at profiles of other people and if you like them, you click “Let’s Date”
RL: and if they like you, then you get a notification telling you to set up a date
RL: and it suggests a place or whatever
TT: why were you using it?
RL: I told you, I was testing it out.
TT: so you had to set up a date with someone?
RL: well, no, I mean, I didn’t have to but I wanted to see how it works
RL: I didn’t actually plan on going on any dates
RL: there’s just this new feature and I was going to write about it
TT: couldn’t you have gotten someone else to write about it?
TT: like Alexia or someone?
RL: she’s in a relationship. you’ve met her boyfriend, remember?
TT: and you’re not?! what about Anthony?
RL: well, I mean
RL: I met with the company when I was in L.A.
RL: and they showed this new feature, called “Flirt notes”
RL: even if the other person doesn’t pick you
RL: you can pay some small amount of money
RL: like a couple of bucks or whatever
RL: and you’ll show up in their feed, like they’ll know you’re interested
TT: so now you’re paying people to flirt with them?
RL: well, you’re not paying them, you’re paying the company
RL: I mean, the app
RL: anyway, it doesn’t matter
RL: I’m sorry I was just trying to do my job
[TT is no longer online]
RL: Hello?
RL: Hello?