Samsung Joins Apple, Google And Microsoft With First Global Developer Conference October 27-29

Samsung has built itself into a consumer electronics giant to rival some of the biggest and baddest, and now it’s following the example of some of its lofty peers and announcing its first annual developers conference, which will take place in San Francisco at the West St. Francis Hotel in Union Square between October 27 and the 29.

Samsung’s three-day affair is unique in that it doesn’t take place at the Moscone Center, but it’s a brand new thing, so there’s no telling what kind of response there will be. Samsung is casting a wide net for developers, however, saying that it’s designed for people working on “all divisions, platforms and device” rather than just mobile. Samsung’s dev event will begin registration later this summer, and judging by the reach of the Korean company’s devices, across smart TV, smartphone, camera and other devices, space will fill up fast for the new SF-based event.

For Samsung this is a big step in terms of differentiating itself from other Android developers on the mobile front. Google already offers the opportunity for devs on its mobile OS to get together and see workshops and sessions, but these are device agnostic, and in fact cater more to developers who aren’t interested in one type of handset over another. A Samsung-specific event will help devs who want to target specifically the smartphones with the largest share of the global market, and help them build apps that leverage the unique capabilities of Samsung’s own modified Android platform.

Samsung also appears increasingly to be interested in building out its other divisions, and recently snapped up media streaming and cloud DVR startup Boxee to help it boost its smart TV efforts. A dev conference is the perfect place to highlight those other platforms, and also to bring some synergy into the mix in terms of highlighting the opportunities for software that works across the CE company’s increasingly varied lines of business.

You can sign up at Samsung’s developer conference site to be notified when registration is open if you’re interested in attending.