Rovio’s Latest Bad Piggies Update Is Nothing To Snort At


Rovio has just released an update to Bad Piggies, the game that turned the tables, this time making the Bad Piggies the protagonists.

Players are asked to build vehicles using various tools, boosts, and materials and then traverse the course carrying the bad piggies to their goal.

Today, the company released an update that brings 30 new levels, as well as new tools and power-ups.

Most notable in the update is the new Super Mechanic power-up, which builds the perfect vehicle for you to complete the course with a three-star score.

The update also offers a grappling hook, which lets you fire at surfaces and swing your vehicle to achievement.

Along with the new Rise & Swine levels, Rovio has also included super glue, magnets, and “turbo charges” in the arsenal of potential tools.

As per usual, these power-ups can be earned or purchased.

Bad Piggies is available here.