Kiip Will Power Rewards In Yahoo Japan’s Mobile Apps

Kiip, a startup that delivers real-world rewards to app users when they perform desirable tasks and reach key milestones, is announcing its integration with Yahoo Japan — marking the first time Yahoo Japan has integrated a third-party service into its app, according to Kiip co-founder and CEO Brian Wong.

As in other Kiip campaigns, users of the Yahoo Japan iPhone and Android apps will see “achievement ads” offering them rewards after completing certain activities. However, unlike most Kiip campaigns, the rewards in this case will take the form of Yahoo’s T-Points. In other words, Kiip is providing the technology for Yahoo Japan to bring T-Points from the web (where they are already available) to mobile.

Wong said Kiip is piloting similar programs with “about a dozen” publications. For those partners, Kiip serves as less of an ad network and more of a technology provider to optimize and promote existing rewards programs on mobile.

“Yahoo is playing publisher and advertiser in this case, leveraging the technology we’ve created over three years,” he said. “It’s not easy deliver these promotions at the right moment and the right place.”

The “Use Yahoo! Japan Apps Get T Points” campaign will run from July 24 to August 23. For its initiatives in Japan, Kiip has help from its investor, Japanese Internet company Digital Garage, and the Digital Garage-owned marketing agency CGM.

Wong said this also illustrates Kiip’s larger shift as it moves beyond advertising in games. It’s now powering rewards for nearly 1,000 developers in a number of categories — for example, to-do list app Any.Do integrated a few months ago.