Uber Takes The Rocky Road To Deliver You S’more Ice Cream

Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!

Today, for the second year in a row, Uber will be delivering ice cream — vanilla, chocolate and everything in between — in 33 cities in 10 countries.

Imagine Whirled Peace for a minute: you can pull out your phone, and instead of ordering a car to take you somewhere, you order Cherry Garcia to take you somewhere magical.

You’re probably sitting at your desk right now thinking, What A Cluster $*&# week.

Maybe, you’re staring at your monitor and wishing you had a nice Bonnaroo Buzz on.

Perhaps you’re more feeling Pistachio, Pistachio. Wherefore art thou, Pistachio?

Sure, the Milk & Cookies might turn you into a Chunky Monkey, but you can just go to Chocolate Therapy about it.

Personally, I’ve always preferred a few pints of White Russians to Therapy, but hey, maybe try both!

You might think it’s a Half Baked idea. But after all, isn’t having ice cream delivered to you at the tap of a button the Americone Dream?

Call me a Screwball, but it’s 9 a.m. and I could really go for a Pina Colada. Oh, Uber…