Former Google And Twitter Engineering Lead Daniel Loreto Heads To Venrock For EIR Role

Daniel Loreto, a former engineering lead for Google and Twitter, is headed to Venrock as an EIR in the VC firm’s New York office.

Loreto was previously part of the team Julpan, a real-time data analysis and search engine that was acquired by Twitter in 2011 (the startup also became Twitter’s first presence in New York and was the foundation for its office in the region). Prior to founding Julpan, Loreto spent four years in Google’s New York office, where he was a technology lead in the Search Quality team and started the Structured Data group.

While at Venrock, Loreto is going to be focused on opportunities in distributing and analyzing large sets of data in industries like retail, health care, and financial services. He feels that there is still plenty of opportunity to create signaling platforms for these markets.

For Venrock, this also represents the expansion of the team in New York, says partner David Pakman. Pakman himself joined Venrock’s New York team in 2008, Marissa Campise joined in 2011 from Greycroft, and most recently Nick Beim left Matrix to join the firm last year. With Loreto, Pakman explains that the firm has solid foundations in both New York and San Francisco.